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A ready-to-deploy solution to release Covid-19 immune people from containment

Available NOW for governments

1app2recover is a simple app and a workflow that makes it possible to allow immune or healed people to go back to work

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1app2recover - workflow

Health facility

Use a secure phone with 1app2recover to upload immunity status, e-mail and ID card number. No other personal data


Receives an e-mail and downloads a
QR Code. Nothing else.


Police officers or school headmasters (who are already lawfully entitled to check an ID card scan the QR Code and see a color code

Why did we come up with 1app2recover?

- The economic crisis in front of us is beyond imagination

- Containment makes it difficult for elderly/isolated people to do the groceries or find the basic necessities.

- Containment might last, even more stringent than now, and probably so if new waves of the pandemic occur once the virus has muted

Therefore, being able to anticipate the end of containment is vital to our economy or society.

Also, we are deeply concerned about some projects we hear about, that seem extremely dangerous on the long term, privacy wise. We believe this issue can be addressed without long breaking privacy / GDPR regulation

1app2recover is a simple workflow that allows just that: release healed or immune people from containment, so they can go back to work and take care of their neighbors… NOW.

How does 1app2recover works?

Once a government has deployed 1app2recover, medical facilities such as hospitals or test centers can pair a phone to the system.

They upload very limited amount of data: the patient’s immunology status and an ID card/passport number. An e-mail address is used only to notify the patient.

The patient then receives an e-mail and can give his/her consent before downloading a QR code. This QR code contains no information at all.

Staff that is already lawfully entitled to check an ID card can then scan the QR code and get a color code that represents the immunology status and the ID card/passport number, so he/she can ensure the QR code belongs to the person he/she’s checking.

With NO PERSONAL DATA and NO CHANGE IN THE LAW, a government who would adopt the system is already able to let healed people go back to normal life. The system will be all the more powerful when serological tests are introduced as it will have been put in place before.

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If you're in a position to talk about this to a member of your government, please contact us.

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1-more-thing is a French/Belgian company with 10 years of experience in designing custom apps for both governments and private sector.

Our public sector references include Ministery of transports in Belgium (www.mobilit.belgium.be/en), Ministery of Education IT services (ETNIC: www.etnic.be), public research institutes such as INSERM (www.inserm.fr/en), CNRS (www.cnrs.fr/en), or universities such as Université Catholique de Louvain (www.uclouvain.be/en/index.html), Université de Liège (www.uliege.be), Université Libre de Bruxelles (www.ulb.be/en) and more. We also work for UN agency IPU (www.ipu.org)

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